IntellitechCare Services

24/7/365 Complete Network Monitoring

  • 24/7/365 on-call schedule means we’re working all the time.
  • Remote Monitoring and Management platform oversees 3,000 alert triggers.
  • Alert system notifies the on-call engineer and escalates as needed.
  • Alerts are acknowledged immediately and a work plan is implemented.
  • Offers a range of SLA’s across a variety of severity and tier levels for systems, networks, security, applications and services.

Virtual CIO

  • Intellitech functions as your C-level trusted advisor. Virtual CIO meetings are strategic and forward-looking:
  • Technical road mapping, operational efficiencies and business improvement.

Quarterly Business Reviews

  • Intellitech measures itself on the quality of our work and the value we provide. These regularly scheduled engineering-focused meetings are backward looking to review overall network health.
  • Historical reports can be delivered to show uptime, patch status, alerts and other key metrics used to guide IT policy and prevent problems.

IntellitechCare Benefits

Drives operational efficiency and productivity

  • Reduces IT management and labor costs.
  • Proactive approach identifies issues before they become problems.
  • 24/365 monitoring alerts us to network and systems health issues mitigating business impact.

Proactive IT management

  • Provide mission critical maintenance on an ongoing basis.
  • Manages all of the software and services updates, so as not to disrupt your business.
  • Enables your infrastructure to operate at peak efficiency.

Guides strategic planning 

  • Technology road mapping.
  • Quarterly business reviews provide visibility into IT operations.
  • Go to Trusted Advisor working hand in hand to develop and implement  your strategic road map.

 More than the traditional managed service providers

  • Personal touch client interactions.
  • High level of technical expertise and IT consultation experience.
  • Beyond desktop and systems management; our offerings include phone systems, contact center and network management.

IntellitechCare Plans

A chart of intellitech plans