20+ Years of Data Security and Consulting

The team at Intellitech Consulting is equipped with highly developed skills and methodologies developed over decades of experience. Our services and consulting experience span a range of industries, covering information technology, business processes, and more. This business experience makes us uniquely positioned to offer solutions promising greater operational efficiency, productivity gains, and cost savings for our clients regardless of their industry.

Our core competencies bring together a focus on data center infrastructure to align with consulting practices for cybersecurity, disaster recovery, business continuity, data center migration and consolidation, managed services, and agile project management.

Infrastructure Services

Utilizing integration services and advanced solutions including automation and virtualization to improve your internal infrastructure.

IntellitechCare Managed Services

A one stop alternative IT solution with 24/7/365 complete network monitoring, virtual CIO, quarterly reviews, and more!

Project Management Office

Our certified experts set the tone for collaboration and bring best practices, processes, and templates to solve your needs.

Business Resilience Practice

Creating a Business Resilience Program by understanding your requirements and developing goals and objectives for it.

IntellitechConnect Unified Communications

Offering a variety of conferencing collaboration communications networks to help your organization gain and maintain greater flexibility.

Security Services Practice

Providing advanced security solutions covering six key service areas including management, cyber security, and data protection.

Why Choose Intellitech Consulting?

Regular Communication • Customizable Services • Delivered Results

In addition to our decades of experience, our services are enhanced by a high quality infrastructure built with the client in mind. Our in-house
processes allow us to:

  • Respond to clients and provide answers or resources in a timely manner
  • Deliver the most complex and customizable products and services
  • Communicate regularly with clients and provide the proper amount of guidance

No matter the needs of your business, our consultants are happy to talk with you. They will make an assessment and suggest a suite of services
to take your business to the next step. Start the conversation today.